Creating new possibilities with Pilates

Breakthrough”: A sudden, important and dramatic discovery or development.

 I had a session last week with a longtime student. We were working through a series of exercises, and I was slowly increasing the challenge. As I asked her to take the final step, I saw her hesitate for a moment before she did it. “I almost said ‘No,’” she laughed.

 But instead she used everything she knew, and she did it. She did something she didn’t think she could, and in doing so, earned a whole new sense of strength and accomplishment. I call that a breakthrough. 

You may think “breakthrough” is too strong a word for doing a new exercise, and I would agree. But the breakthrough isn’t just in executing a series of movements; it’s in giving a student a new sense of what is possible. Whenever I can help someone move further and do more in the Pilates studio, I’m helping them move beyond whatever limitation or limiting belief they had before they started. 

 In that way, I believe that students’ literal movement in the Pilates studio creates a pathway for them to move beyond limits in other areas of their lives. For me, teaching Pilates is about so much more than giving students a good workout. It’s about creating an environment that allows them to experience new possibilities in their bodies and in their lives.