Top 3 reasons why Pilates makes the perfect gift

Whether you’re looking to give the perfect gift to that someone who has everything, or wanting to treat yourself this holiday season, private Pilates lessons is the answer. Here are three reasons to give Pilates, Waunakee:

  1. “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” So says Joe Pilates. When you give Pilates, you’re giving someone the gift of health and happiness. Let’s be honest: There’s nothing better than that.

  2. One size fits all. Pilates is for EVERY body — athletes and people just getting back into shape, 30-somethings and 80-somethings, women and men. No worries about gift receipts or exchanges.

  3. Pilates is the gift that keeps on giving. Long after each core-shaking, muscle-toning, strength-building workout is over, the enhanced stability and body awareness Pilates provides can help reduce risk for injury. It’s like an insurance policy, that also makes you look good and feel great.